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Appraisals Services

We offer appraisals for insurance value, estate value, estate dispersal and for your general knowledge.

Our rates are as follows:

In house appraisals on items brought to the gallery:

Verbil appraisals are $35.00 per item.

Written appraisals begin at $100.00 .

Internet or photo appraisals are $35.00 per item. 


Out of the gallery appraisals (we come to you) have a minimum  rate of $500.00.

This includes 2.5 total hours  for travel time, listing, viewing, researching and typing the appraisal paperwork.

Any additional time needed to complete your appraisal will be calculated at $150.00 per hour and added to the

$500.00 minimum charge.

Out of state appraisals will have to be negotiated for additional travel fees.

We also offer appriasals for charitable groups and institutions at a discounted  fee.

                                         Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.


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